February 23, 2019 |


No shame, here's my first site

This past week, I worked on building a 'Would You Rather' game with @RendonEls. I learned a lot about React, and definitely feel more comfortable with it after tackling this project.

However, a lot of times we only see others' highlight reels, so I figured I'd show off (and hide in the corner) my first full-CRUD site using React. No one is born a champion, so it's alright to have a bit of fun and briefly check out my Would You Rather game that isn't so production-ready. So hey, let's have some fun and look at all the things wrong!

Landing Page

When you first come on the site, you're presented with the homepage. homepage You have the ability to play, view stats, or go to options.

Playing the Game

play Here is the play screen. Right now, the game isn't even playable, haha! But hey, it displays two random questions!

  • No way to select a question.
  • No next button.

Options - Create

create After going into options, you can create a question. This part of the site is probably the part that looks the best, but is also the simplest.

  • Pressing submit neither redirects nor refreshes.
  • Navigating away, after submitting, does not show your question anywhere. You have to refresh manually no matter what page you go to. 😅

Options - Edit

edit Ah, the edit page. The bane of our existence, both on the back-end and front-end. In the end, it ended up being like 40 lines of code. This took us around 24 working hours to complete, but it works!

  • Clicking delete also immediately deletes the question, without refresh! 😃
  • Adding enough questions so it goes past the footer destroys the footer.

edit with inserts ... And then you press edit.

  • Clicking edit on one will drop the boxes down for all.
  • Clicking submit updates them immediately within state, and doesn't refresh! 😃😃😃

That's it! I hope this sadistically inspires someone, or at least gets a half-smile from some veteran coders. May your bugs be short, and Happy Coding!

Deployed website: http://dirty-fan.surge.sh/

Front-end Repo: https://github.com/bananabrann/would-you-rather-frontend

Back-end Repo: https://github.com/RendonEls/would-you-rather-backend